Soiniityn kartano

Soiniity estate -  yeasterday and today

End of 19th century

The main building of the estate was built at the end of 19th century by Gustaf Alexander Tigerstedt and his spouse Josefina Margaretha af Forselles. They lived at their main manor Mustila 5 kilometers from Soiniitty. Most of the buildings at the farm are from that time. There were many small houses at the farm and about a hundred workers.

In 1926 the estate was bought by Nils Borup, grandfather of Tomas Nordenswan who runs the farm today.



Soiniitty is a very active farm practising agriculture and forestry, the main product being hay for horses.

The character of farming has changed a lot since the early days. Still in the 60’s there were cows, pigs, horses and chickens. The farm produced grains, milk, eggs and bacon. Today we are specialized in making hay for horses, proudly including some world stars in the clientele.

Currently, the number of people living permanently at the farm is down to two, i.e. ”the lady and the master” of the estate,and of course some cats and dogs

We wish to keep the farm, it's buildings and history living and want to wish you warmly welcome here.